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A Scorecard in Action

As a follow-up to Mike’s suggestion for a scorecard, I’d like to begin implementing these at our next bout. Be prepared to rate each book you’ve read on the two scales- Quality of Writing and Motivation- zero to ten. I’ll compile the results and post them to the bout records. And, we’ll plan on doing this for each book moving forward.

A Judges Scorecard

We compile everyone’s feedback at the end of a bout.  There will be a majority opinion and dissenters can write a minority report.


The Debate continues…

Clearly too few men in America are well enough exposed to literature in their formative years to appreciate the completely different experience of reading Hawthorne, Hemingway, Crane, Steinbeck, Rand, Vonnegut, Robbins and other actual Writers and to recognize those living today among the racks and racks of Grishams, La Carres, and the 300-page feature news articles on the non-fiction tables at the front of Borders.  (And there is some question in my mind as to what really makes these writer perspectives “non” fiction.)  I look forward to finding some essay that will impress the men of letters who comprise our club and need only a fresh exposure to remind them about the art of writing that inspired or cultivated some of the great aspects of the nation, including the creativity of its barons as well as the constructive dissent of its patriots.

The Debate- Fiction v. Non-fiction

Competition? Another Fight Club? “Bouts” between halves? Read on…


EDMONTON – Women read fiction – men read magazines. OK, some men read novels, but most read non-fiction, manuals, information texts, and newspapers – but novels? Not so much.

Why is that?
“Fiction doesn’t appeal to me,” shrugs a male colleague.
“I can’t sit still long enough to read a book,” another male friend explains. “It’s not exciting enough. In sports, you’re cheering for a team. If you’re reading a book – you’re just reading a book.”

Interesting. My husband likes to read about business, world leaders and health. He buys Time and Maclean’s. But a novel? Nope. No interest.

But wait, there’s more!

Use Categories in your posts

I made a comment to a previous post (Some initial housekeeping) but, I’m not sure everyone’s blog-savvy enough yet to notice comments (see the bubble in the post header). So, I thought I’d spell it out here…

As I mentioned below, use Categories in your posts. These are tags that help keep our posts organized and let others find us when searching for similar topics. I’ve also included each of our names in the categories box so that we can note the authors of our posts. Please use these accordingly but try to limit them to about 5 per post.

Free Culture follow-up

As part of our discussion during the last bout on Free Culture, we touched on the current issue of saving Internet radio. On my drive home today, I listened to a fantastic podcast regarding this- This Week in Media (TWiM), Episode 52. The five-man panel made up of industry insiders, including a big wig at Pandora, does a great job of explaining the history and reasoning on all sides of the issue.

If you have any interest in this subject, want clarification, or enjoy insightful discussion in the form of a podcast, I highly recommend this one!

Beef-up Your Bouts!

Once you’re signed up and given Editor status, focus on filling up your bout page(s). Exact date, food menu, discussion arcs, other sources, etc., anything to fill it out and serve as a resource for everyone. Use the Edit Page option at the top of the page (if you’re logged in).

Some initial housekeeping

I’ll be giving each of you Pugilists “Editor” status, meaning you can publish any posts, edit any posts, edit any published posts, edit any pages, moderate comments, manage categories, manage links and upload files. You can also delete any posts and any pages; and you can read, edit and delete private posts.

To be honest, I struggled whether or not to limit the Pugilists to “Author” status (basically, simple posting rights), but I wanted you to be able edit your own personal pages, and really take control of the page of the bouts that you host.

I’m open to discussing how best to determine the “Judges score” for each bout (thanks to Mike for the coining that). I was hoping to be able to incorporate polls, but I’m not sure that’s possible… I’ll look into it.

Categories- think of these as tags. When you’re writing a new post, you’ll notice a “Categories” box in the right-hand column. Please select or add categories relevant to your post, but try to limit them to 5 categories per post. You can then access specific categories via the Category widget on the right side of every Broken Spines page. As tags, categories will also help index our posts, and this site, with other bloggers on wordpress and search engines.

Speaking of which, as of now, this blog is PUBLIC. The seven Pugilists are the only ones who can post, but anyone can view and comment. I figure that this is an easy way to incorporate other perspectives on our topics without the administrative hassles of growing our core beyond seven. If anyone has reservations about this, pardon the irony but, please post :).

I know there’s more initial housekeeping to do, this is just what came to mind right away. Be sure to let me know when you’ve signed up here so I can get you in as an Editor. And, have a look around the site, let me know your thoughts…


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