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A Scorecard comes to life!

Content Quality by Writing Quality

Thanks to Steve for discovering Swivel! Click on the chart to go to the Swivel chart and view the specifics… Hopefully, seeing this in action will spur those of you who yet to submit your ratings to do so 🙂

I’ll probably dedicate a page to the scorecard, I just want us to play around with it a little and make sure we’re getting what we can out of it… so dig in!

MLB Brushes Off Sling With An Inside Pitch

While Major League Baseball claims that SlingMedia’s “place shifting” technology is illegal they aren’t ready to throw the heat just yet.  In an article from today’s WSJ, Major League Baseball has said that it will not sue SlingMedia (yet) but will win the battle “through good content and good technology.”  Another example of media companies trying to squeeze every dime out of their customers… I pay for my cable service, I pay for my set top boxes (or Cable Cards)… to the tune of $150 per month with Internet access.  Where does MLB get off saying that I can’t watch it when and where I want to?


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