You’ve got to ask yourself a question…

… Do I feel lucky?

Well, do ya, punk?!

According to a voluntary poll taken at, 65% of punks DO feel lucky! Some responses considered luck in general, life-encompassing terms:

  • “Yes I am lucky. I feel that luck is a direct result from a positive perspective in general.”

While others were a bit more pragmatic:

  • “I have a home and a car and a job and a few bucks in my pocket. That probably makes me luckier than at least half the humans on this earth.”

Those not feeling lucky had some obvious reasons for it:

  • “Unfortunately, I’m not lucky at all. My dad has been without a job for forever it seems, causing too much stress in the household. I also had a f#@king tumor on my spine at 18 years old.”

And, as an interesting corollary, 60% of the respondents said that they “lean to the right.” Unfortunately, little can drawn from these general results as we don’t know how each person answered individually. But, at least we know that with this particular cross-section, the cup of luck is more than half-full.

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