Anyone Else Worried? The WSJ Becomes “Fair & Imbalanced”

In a world controlled by the fewer and fewer “major” media companies… I am truly worried about the acquisition of Dow Jones & Co (e.g. The WSJ) by News Corp… creator of the Fox News Channel, which is anything but “Fair & Balanced.”  Were is a young capitalist to turn for his daily news feed?  Blogs?

1 Response to “Anyone Else Worried? The WSJ Becomes “Fair & Imbalanced””

  1. 1 Matt H. October 5, 2007 at 7:22 pm

    Last night I was watching the documentary “The Corporation” and they had a scene on News Corp/Fox… Fox had created this investigative unit for one of their Florida stations… and told them to go out and find the story. They had the swanky commercial with the fog machine… talking about how tough their investigative team was. Well the investigative team did their job and picked up a story out of Canada about research on Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Monsanto sold rBGH under the name of Posilac to farmers to get more milk out of their cows. Well Canadian research found evidence that this drug was causing all sorts of problems with the cows, thought that it might affect humans and decided to ban it. The Fox affiliate was ready to air the segment and ran the commercials… until they got a fax from Monsanto’s lawyers. Fox’s lawyers wanted the reporters to edit the story, then they wanted to pull the piece, then they wanted to ruin the careers of the reporters who created the piece! The goal was for Fox to protect their future revenue stream and marketing dollars from Monsanto.

    The greatest quote is from a station/Fox executive “We (Fox) just paid $3 million for these stations, the news is what we say it is.” How do you feel about the WSJ holding its journalistic integrity against Rupert and the “fair and balanced” right?

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