Hello Dave

hal.jpg hal.jpgJust what do you think you’re doing, Dave? Dave, I really think I’m entitled to an answer to that question.  I know everything hasn’t been quite right with me, but I can assure you now, very confidently, that it’s going to be all right again. I feel much better now. I really do. 

The Machine is Us/ing Us 

Matt H. posted a link this YouTube in the comments section of Democracy or Mob Rule?

But, I think it’s worth a thread of its own.  It was created by Michael Wesch, an anthropology professor at Kansas State Univeristy.  Using Tim O’Reilly’s analysis of what is Web 2.0, Wesch’s point is that the web is us.  

When we tag our posts we are teaching the machine to forge a link between words.  In other words we are teaching it an idea.  Think of the 100 billion times per day humans are clicking a web link – we’re teaching the machine. 

Are we the machine?

1 Response to “Hello Dave”

  1. 1 Matt H. October 5, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    If you don’t like Wesch’s complicated definition of Web 2.0 you may prefer the simple definition of Web 2.0!

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