Senator On-line

In a bold move that would make The Wisdom of Crowds author proud, Australia is introducing an internet-based political party, Senator Online, whose votes are completely determined by the votes of the people.

From the site:

SOL is a not-for-profit Organisation.

SOL is Australia’s first internet based political party so the website will be crucial to SOL delivering on its promises. The current website is a pre-election site. The post-election site will be developed if a SOL candidate wins a seat in the Senate at the upcoming federal election. Senators elected at this time will first sit in the federal Parliament in July 2008. The post-election SOL website will be up and running before July 2008.

The SOL post-election website will provide:

  • Accurate information and balanced argument on each bill and important issues;
  • All those registered on the Australian Electoral roll and who have access to the Internet have the chance to have their say by voting on these bills and issues;
  • A tally of all on-line votes;
  • An easy and effective way to be directly involved in the political process.

It will certainly be interesting and enlightening to watch how this develops. Democracy may yet be saved!

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