A House Divided


The House of Representatives sustained President Bush’s veto of a $151B labor, health and education funding bill (HR3043).  The vote was 277-141, (15 not voting, 100% of Democrats supporting, 74% of Republicans opposing), failing by two votes to override the veto.  Minnesota’s Michelle Bachman and John Kline voted against the measure. 

Essentially, the Democrats and Republicans are divided over $11 billion out of nearly $1 trillion in spending.  Which begs the question: where are our priorities as a nation?  President Bush vetoes a domestic spending bill because of a one tenth of a percent (0.1%) difference?

Meanwhile, the National Priorities Project estimates that we (taxpayers) will pay $456.1 billion for the cost of the Iraq War through 2007. For the same amount of money, the following could have been provided:

·         130,069,152 People with Health Care OR
·         472,181,032 Homes with Renewable Electricity OR
·         10,206,434 Public Safety Officers OR
·         7,918,403 Music and Arts Teachers OR
·         75,290,580 Scholarships for University Students OR
·         45,880 New Elementary Schools OR
·         3,547,959 Affordable Housing Units OR
·         194,511,722 Children with Health Care OR
·         62,590,915 Head Start Places for Children OR
·         7,765,056 Elementary School Teachers OR
·         6,854,781 Port Container Inspectors

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