Hmmm… Book Club meet ups? I likey!

After Dave K. mentioned that there were other groups look to emulate the origional fightclub I thought I would dig a little further into how many other “guy book clubs” there were out there.  One in particular caught my attention!

One such group in S.F. actually had a book club meet up with an “all girls book club” – and all of the juicy details were shared.  You’ll have to read on since I just can’t do this story justice!  Let’s just say that books aren’t the only things fondled during the girl’s events.

Maybe we need to be a little more “social”…???

1 Response to “Hmmm… Book Club meet ups? I likey!”

  1. 1 bobbyjones November 30, 2007 at 9:58 am

    Wouldn’t that violate the first rule of Fight Club?

    1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.

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