Get clean for Gene

mccarthycampaign_large.jpgAudio recordings of Eugene McCarthy’s historic run for president in 1968 have been re-discovered at the University of Minnesota’s Elmer L. Andersen Library.    and highlighted similarities between 1968 and today.

“And at some point you make a prudential judgment that whatever good you can get out of the war, or what good is going to come from it, is not proportionate to the destruction of life and property and the draining away of moral energy, which goes along with the pursuit of the war in a way in which we are now pursuing it.”

In the 1968 Democratic primary, McCarthy (not to be confused with red baiter Joseph McCarthy, Senator from Wisconsin – no relation) stunned Lyndon Johnson with a strong showing in New Hampshire.  Four days later, Robert Kennedy entered the race for the Democratic nomination only to be assassinated in June.  Ultimately, Hubert H. Humphrey, Johnson’s VP and former Minnesota Senator himself, beat McCarthy for the nomination and lost the general election to Nixon. 

I just wish politicians today could summon the same courage McCarthy did to challenge to a sitting President of his own party based on moral outrage against the war.


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