Black Ink

Eric Black is one of the reasons I no longer subscribe to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  His departure, along with about 50 others from the Strib newsroom, has left the Strib a hollow shell.

Eric is now writing for  which happens to be edited and published by Joel Kramer, former editor and publisher of the Strib.  And, with writers like Eric Black, the news at MinnPost is just as good as the Strib and you don’t have to deal with all those pesky ads.

 obama-clinton.jpgobama-clinton.jpgThe Space Between

One of Eric’s recent posts is about how little separates Obama from Clinton.  Black links us to Congressional Quarterly where Dan Nather writes that their voting records are nearly indistinguishable.  With near parity in voting records, endorsements, even “anti-Bushiness,” what’s a Democratic primary voter to do?  Eric leave us with this:

Perhaps it tells us more about why the campaign between them is being waged on the basis or abstractions, like “change” and “experience,” or on the subliminal question of which race/gender barrier you feel more motivated to break.

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  1. 1 bobbyjones February 11, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Star Tribune cuts 58 more jobs, freezes wages because of “”rapidly declining revenue.”

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