Dude, where’s my car?

On Morning Edition this morning, NPR reported that four Canadian teens in trouble for car theft were ordered to attend a counseling program. But how to get there when the temperature in Winnipeg was 40 degrees below zero? Much too cold to walk, which may explain why the teens arrived for the anti-car-theft counseling session in a newly stolen car.

 This is funny for two reasons:

  1. -40 degrees F will make a person resourceful
  2. Canadians have a anti-car-theft counseling program

I worked for a Canadian company once, and a friend of mine there said, “you Americans have that saying ‘as American as apple pie’…in Canada we say ‘as Canadian as is possible under the circumstances'”!  Hilarious!  You gotta love our hearty neighbors to the north.

All of this got me think about anti-theft devices – here’s a creative one from Tesla Down Under:



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