A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale

alice-rackham-caucuswon1.jpgSuper Duper Tuesday is a week from tomorrow February 5, caucuses start at 7PM.  Are you ready?  Did you see the Kennedy clan endorsed Obama over the weekend?  As long as I have the pulpit, and for as much as you care, I’m all in for Obama and Franken. 

Alright – so, where do you go?  For those of you in Minnesota, click the links below to find your caucus location: 

 For those of you outside of the great state of Minnesota, go to your state government’s website and look for the secretary of state – if they’re doing their job they’ll have instructions on what to do.  If not check the national party sites: Democrats, Republcians, Independence Party (interestingly, the Minnesota IP site comes up ahead of the national site in Google), Green Party, Constitution Party.

What’s the point?

  • Cast your Presidential Preference Ballot (results determine how many delegates each candidate gets at the national convention).
  • Show your support for your favorite candidate for U.S. Senate in 2008.
  • Have your say in your party platform.

Uh, what is a Precinct Caucus anyway?

A precinct caucus is essentially a neighborhood meeting where you gather to choose a candidate for President, to show their support for candidates at all levels, and to have a real voice in the your party’s platform. At more than 4,000 precinct caucuses on February 5, Minnesota DFLers will:

  • Vote for their favorite candidate in the Presidential Preference Ballot
  • Elect delegates to Senate District or County Unit Conventions
  • Sign up to become election judges
  • Pass resolutions to help develop the platform. 

Do I have to be a card-carrying partisan to be eligible?

Any Minnesotan can participate if they are: eligible to vote by November 4, 2008 and not an active member of an opposing political party (or attending another political party’s caucus in 2008).

How Do I Find My Precinct Caucus?

Click the party links above or visit the Secretary of State’s website to find out your precinct caucus information.

I can’t get enough of this!  How do I become a delegate?

To be a delegate at the state or national convention, you start by running to be a delegate at your precinct caucus. As a delegate to your Senate District or County Conventions, you can run to be a delegate to both your Congressional District and State Conventions. You can also volunteer for your favorite candidates.

What if I can’t attend my precinct caucus?

You can submit a letter to your caucus asking to be elected as a delegate to your county unit convention. The letter must include your contact information, and your affirmation that you are eligible to participate (as described above).

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  1. 1 bobbyjones February 4, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    “Caucuses 101: What you need to know about Minnesota’s vote Tuesday” by Eric Black:


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