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Swedish Freeze

No, I’m not talking about the Swedes new practice of freeze-drying dead bodies (bodies frozen in liquid nitrogen, then broken into dust).  I’m talking about a patented move created by The Hives, a garage-rock band from Fagersta, Sweden (what an unfortunate name for a town).  At some point during the show they stop and freeze – the Swedish Freeze.

My friend Paul had tickets to their sold-out show at First Avenue last night.  I really enjoyed the opening band, The Donnas, who last played in the 7th Street Entry 10 years ago when they were 18 (never has a guitar looked so sexy).  They attracted a ridiculously wide spectrum of fans who would otherwise never be seen together in the same room.  Paul had the misfortune of getting chatted up by a 50 year-old fat guy in a wife-beater and a 93X hat.

But, I had mixed feelings about The Hives.  Their gimmick is mock self-glorification.  They said, “our job is to look good, your job is to buy a ticket and make noise!”  Lead singer, Pelle Almqvist and his guitarist brother Niklas Almqvist preened around stage with Jagger-esque scissor kicks, dressed in black and white suits with white shoes.  Both Pelle and Niklas seemed to have salivary gland disorder as they were constantly spitting (at one point Niklas spat on the audience).  They pull off arrogance and condescension like only Swedes can.

Pelle, taunting the audience, said “is the weather that fucking depressing?  Come on, make some noise!”  I hate being told to clap.

Get Your Genuine Fight Club Mug

For a limited time only, in partnership with the creative (if violent) people at Thabto, we bring you the Fight Club mug.

Don’t be a MUG! Look like a real man when you’re drinkin’ your brew! 

Inspired by the word ‘MUG!’ itself, which is often used in British slang, this large mug with a knuckle duster handle will ensure nobody steals your buscuits.

For those of the fairer sex, Thabto has removed the blood stains and replaced them with butterflies.


Bustle in the Hedgerow

Dan Bakkedahl investigates why folks in Shakopee, Minnesota refuse to put a fence around their women’s prison even if it is full of lesbionic dildo-wielding rapists.


Plane? Train? No, it’s MN’s SuperDelegates!


Read Doug Grow’s article in MinnPost on what it’s like to be a Super-Delegate.

Also read Joe Klein’s recent Time article “The Barack Blowout” on why Obama will be a better executive based on how he is managing his campaign.

I want to believe…

With all of the JFK references and MLK quotes I feel that I must believe in the “second coming” of Obama… and I really want to.  While I participated in my first caucus last week to vote for him (while forcing my wife to come with me) I am still searching for answers.   I feel like Jack Uldrich (former chair for the Independence Party of Minnesota), ‘I want a leader who doesn’t simply inspire me, but calls me to action’ (from today’s Star Tribune).  Obama needs to move beyond “just” the rhetoric of what’s broken – tell me how “it” can be fixed and tell me what “we” need to do to fix it.  Show me that you have thought through the details.

The Fierce Urgency of Now

I, along with 20,000 of my friends, went to the Obama rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Saturday.  We weren’t smart enough to wait in the skyways, instead we waited for 2.5 hours in 20 degree weather and watched the new Twins ballpark being built (just north of the Target Center). 

You may ask yourself, what would cause a man to drag his three young sons out into the cold and wait for 2.5 hours to hear a politician?  Obama answers this by quoting Martin Luther King: because of “the fierce urgency of now.”  

George Will wrote that “if you get the girl up on her tiptoes, you should kiss her.”  Obama has America on her tiptoes with hope for a new direction.  Will goes on to repeat the warning of William Butler Yeats: “All life is a preparation for something that probably will never happen.”

Unless you make it happen.

So, last night I went to my precinct caucus where 217 of my neighbors showed up – more than twice the number that showed up in 2004 (which was a big turnout).  Across Minnesota 206K voted in the DFL caucuses and 62K voted in the Republican straw poll (with 86% of precincts reporting).  This compares to 56K DFL’ers who showed up on March 4, 2004.  Almost 4 times the turnout!  Norm Coleman must have cried himself to sleep last night.

 For you data junkies, here are some charts from the MN Secretary of State’s office



All Statewide Party Results

  Independence Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Michael Bloomberg 0 0.00%  
  Sam Nunn 0 0.00%  
  Write-In 0 0.00%  

  Republican Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Mike Huckabee 12365 19.88%  
  Alan Keyes 364 0.59%  
  John McCain 13646 21.94%  
  Ron Paul 9729 15.64%  
  Mitt Romney 25819 41.51%  
  Write-in 279 0.45%  

  Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Joe Biden 80 0.04%  
  Hillary Clinton 65761 31.93%  
  Chris Dodd 73 0.04%  
  John Edwards 946 0.46%  
  Dennis Kucinich 352 0.17%  
  Frank Lynch 121 0.06%  
  Barack Obama 137278 66.66%  
  Bill Richardson 91 0.04%  
  Uncommitted 1251 0.61%  

  Green Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Jesse Johnson 0 0.00%  
  Cynthia McKinney 0 0.00%  
  Kent Mesplay 0 0.00%  
  Ralph Nader 0 0.00%  
  Kat Swift 0 0.00%  
  None of the Above 0 0.00%  
  No Candidate 0 0.00%  
  Undecided 0 0.00%  
  Write-in 0 0.00%  

  Constitution Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Hillary Clinton 0 0.00%  
  Jerome Corsi 1 1.22%  
  John Edwards 0 0.00%  
  Rudy Giuliani 0 0.00%  
  Mike Huckabee 3 3.66%  
  Alan Keyes 3 3.66%  
  John McCain 0 0.00%  
  Roy Moore 0 0.00%  
  Barack Obama 0 0.00%  
  Ron Paul 65 79.27%  
  Mitt Romney 2 2.44%  
  Undecided 7 8.54%  
  Other 1 1.22%  


Results and statistics shown are for the selected district only.All results shown have been reported by the political parties of Minnesota. Reporting districts and categories reported may differ by party.The Secretary of State does not canvass or certify caucus results


Romney makes John Kerry look like Flavor Flav

Why I will NEVER live in Edina…

Thought I would share a story from today’s StarTrib on the political fight that is intensifying throughout Minnesota at the local level. Susan Covnick, a republican, from Edina tells us that “I grew up in Edina. I am very protective of it.” She said that the Edina of bygone years didn’t allow Laundromats or car washes, and that “we get National Geographic, not the National Enquirer. We don’t even like buses coming through. But the Democrats are moving in from Kenwood and downtown condos.”

This statement leaves me with a few questions? What sort of shallow person would stereotype as such? Where the F#$% does she go to get her car washed then… to those working class neighborhoods? Does her superior intelligence come from reading National Geographic (a great periodical for the record)? Is that the same superior intelligence that told her to vote for George W. Bush in the last 2 elections?

Ms. Convick please put your rose-colored glasses back on and take another hit from your sanctimonious crack pipe. And let’s all remember why they called it Edina – Every Day I Need Attention!

An additional reason of why I will never live in Edina: Shameful in Edina via Star Tribune


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