The Fierce Urgency of Now

I, along with 20,000 of my friends, went to the Obama rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Saturday.  We weren’t smart enough to wait in the skyways, instead we waited for 2.5 hours in 20 degree weather and watched the new Twins ballpark being built (just north of the Target Center). 

You may ask yourself, what would cause a man to drag his three young sons out into the cold and wait for 2.5 hours to hear a politician?  Obama answers this by quoting Martin Luther King: because of “the fierce urgency of now.”  

George Will wrote that “if you get the girl up on her tiptoes, you should kiss her.”  Obama has America on her tiptoes with hope for a new direction.  Will goes on to repeat the warning of William Butler Yeats: “All life is a preparation for something that probably will never happen.”

Unless you make it happen.

So, last night I went to my precinct caucus where 217 of my neighbors showed up – more than twice the number that showed up in 2004 (which was a big turnout).  Across Minnesota 206K voted in the DFL caucuses and 62K voted in the Republican straw poll (with 86% of precincts reporting).  This compares to 56K DFL’ers who showed up on March 4, 2004.  Almost 4 times the turnout!  Norm Coleman must have cried himself to sleep last night.

 For you data junkies, here are some charts from the MN Secretary of State’s office



All Statewide Party Results

  Independence Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Michael Bloomberg 0 0.00%  
  Sam Nunn 0 0.00%  
  Write-In 0 0.00%  

  Republican Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Mike Huckabee 12365 19.88%  
  Alan Keyes 364 0.59%  
  John McCain 13646 21.94%  
  Ron Paul 9729 15.64%  
  Mitt Romney 25819 41.51%  
  Write-in 279 0.45%  

  Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Joe Biden 80 0.04%  
  Hillary Clinton 65761 31.93%  
  Chris Dodd 73 0.04%  
  John Edwards 946 0.46%  
  Dennis Kucinich 352 0.17%  
  Frank Lynch 121 0.06%  
  Barack Obama 137278 66.66%  
  Bill Richardson 91 0.04%  
  Uncommitted 1251 0.61%  

  Green Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Jesse Johnson 0 0.00%  
  Cynthia McKinney 0 0.00%  
  Kent Mesplay 0 0.00%  
  Ralph Nader 0 0.00%  
  Kat Swift 0 0.00%  
  None of the Above 0 0.00%  
  No Candidate 0 0.00%  
  Undecided 0 0.00%  
  Write-in 0 0.00%  

  Constitution Party
   United States President
  Candidate Totals Pct      Graph
  Hillary Clinton 0 0.00%  
  Jerome Corsi 1 1.22%  
  John Edwards 0 0.00%  
  Rudy Giuliani 0 0.00%  
  Mike Huckabee 3 3.66%  
  Alan Keyes 3 3.66%  
  John McCain 0 0.00%  
  Roy Moore 0 0.00%  
  Barack Obama 0 0.00%  
  Ron Paul 65 79.27%  
  Mitt Romney 2 2.44%  
  Undecided 7 8.54%  
  Other 1 1.22%  


Results and statistics shown are for the selected district only.All results shown have been reported by the political parties of Minnesota. Reporting districts and categories reported may differ by party.The Secretary of State does not canvass or certify caucus results


1 Response to “The Fierce Urgency of Now”

  1. 1 bobbyjones February 7, 2008 at 9:08 am

    The DFL reports that not only did we breeak all prior records, we shattered them. The all-time caucus-turnout record, in 1968, was under 80,000. Turnout topped 75,000 only one other time, in 1972. Last night we topped 200,000; Secretary of State Mark Ritchie estimates that, when all the precincts report, more than 230,000 DFLers attended a precinct caucus — triple the old record.

    A hard rain is going to fall.

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