Si Se Puede as Zeitgeist

Yeah, that’s right.  My vocabulary is so large, I title my posts in Sperman.

But really, what is going on in the Democratic party right now?  It’s about New Politics (with a nod to Adlai Stevenson).  Barack is reframing the debate, while Hillary offers more of the same.  It seems to me another Clinton administration will be busy settling old scores, while Barack would get about fixing the issues with our country on Day 1 by building new coalitions that don’t bear the burden of having to settle old scores.

As Frank Rich pointed out in last Sunday’s Times:

His upbeat notion of a yes-we-can national mobilization for the common good, however sacharine, speaks to the pride and idealism of Americans who are bone-weary of a patriotism defined exclusively by flag lapel pins, the fear of terrorism and the prospect of perpetual war.

Discussing the election over a pint of beer, fellow pugilist Bill B. laments, “too many Americans are resigned to what the process provides.”  What we ought to do is grab our misguided government by the lapels and say this is unacceptable!  We demand change! 

We have more in common than our politics over the last 16 years would indicate.  So rather than divvying up the country based on wedge issues and ceding half the country to the ‘others’, let’s focus on the 80% of issues we can agree on and get about the hard work of fixing this country.


3 Responses to “Si Se Puede as Zeitgeist”

  1. 2 bobbyjones March 10, 2008 at 9:42 am

    Not sure what the point is with the links above, but they seem to be more evidence of Hillary’s “Kitchen Sink Fusillade” strategy:

    For further discussion of Hillary’s fierce attack machine, read CQ’s reaction to the Clinton campaign’s conference call where they continue to pounce on Samantha Power:

    A “war room” playing to the cynics is not what the Democratic party needs right now.

  2. 3 bobbyjones July 14, 2008 at 8:53 am

    Check out this essay by Michael Knox Beran…

    “The candidate’s post-masculine charisma tempts America in the age of Oprah.”

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