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Is Rove Advising Clinton?

Read this op-ed piece by Orlando Patterson, a professor of sociology at Harvard.  Then watch Kieth Olbermann’s tirade against Ferraro and Clinton:

Number 9 (aka Icarus)

22 year-old “Kristen”, the unwitting star of the seamy drama that is the downfall of Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York.  Today’s New York Times links to her MySpace page which is getting bombarded with 4.7M hits today. 


Live from NY, It’s Hillary Night Live!

Read David Brauer’s MinnPost review.

Si Se Puede as Zeitgeist

Yeah, that’s right.  My vocabulary is so large, I title my posts in Sperman.

But really, what is going on in the Democratic party right now?  It’s about New Politics (with a nod to Adlai Stevenson).  Barack is reframing the debate, while Hillary offers more of the same.  It seems to me another Clinton administration will be busy settling old scores, while Barack would get about fixing the issues with our country on Day 1 by building new coalitions that don’t bear the burden of having to settle old scores.

As Frank Rich pointed out in last Sunday’s Times:

His upbeat notion of a yes-we-can national mobilization for the common good, however sacharine, speaks to the pride and idealism of Americans who are bone-weary of a patriotism defined exclusively by flag lapel pins, the fear of terrorism and the prospect of perpetual war.

Discussing the election over a pint of beer, fellow pugilist Bill B. laments, “too many Americans are resigned to what the process provides.”  What we ought to do is grab our misguided government by the lapels and say this is unacceptable!  We demand change! 

We have more in common than our politics over the last 16 years would indicate.  So rather than divvying up the country based on wedge issues and ceding half the country to the ‘others’, let’s focus on the 80% of issues we can agree on and get about the hard work of fixing this country.

Darth Vader does the Brass Monkey

Hilarious!  Minneapolis’ very own Spricket24 does the Running Man and Gene Kelly with a light saber.

Thank you for voting, but we’ll take it from here

Record turnout across the country in the Democratic primaries, with the majority of the popular vote going to Obama.  But, curb your enthusiasm, delegates are what matter here – and Clinton and Obama are essentially even (1,446 and 1,535 respectively including most of yesterday’s delegates; Obama needs 489 to win, Clinton 578 ; 256 SuperDelegates remain undeclared out of 712). 

For you glutonous politcal junkies, read Geraldine Ferraro’s editorial on why the Democratic primary system is the way it is.  For even more arcane analysis read Eric Black’s article in MinnPost about the brokered 1924 Democratic convention that went 16 days and 103 ballots.

Here’s a great summary of yesterday’s results from DCW:

State Delegates
% Vote In % Clinton %Obama Delegates Clinton Delegates Obama
Vermont 0 86% 38% 60% 6 9
Ohio 3 99% 54% 44% 74 64
Rhode Island 0 98% 58% 40% 13 8
Texas-Primary 0 98% 51% 48% 64 62
Texas-Caucus 45 36% 48% 52% 14 8
Tuesday Total 48   171 151
Previously Pledged Delegates (AP)
  1035 1187
Total Pledged Delegates
  1206 1338
Superdelegate Endorsements   240 197
  1446 1535
Delegates Still Needed to Win Nomination   578 489

Source for Vote Percentage is CNN. Source for Delegates is CBS and AP. Source for Superdelegates is DCW

Remember 2000!

As if the Democratic primary weren’t interesting enough, could the Democratic nominee win a popular vote landslide but lose the Electoral college?  As James Boyce points out, it is a distinct possiblity.

Electoral College in 2000:


Electoral College 2004:


Is that a Giant Lance, or are you just glad to see me?

As Texas and Ohio decide who will be the Democratic nominee today, I think it is still pertinent to ask, “who’s most prepared to push the button at 3 in the morning?”  Using game theory and trying to bluff Moscow into thinking Nixon was a madman (wasn’t he?), Kissinger mobilized a squadron of 18 B-52s loaded to the gills with nuclear weapons, hurdling toward Moscow, to create leverage for negotatiations in Vietnam. 

In Wired, Jeremi Suri writes about this recent discovery of “Operation Giant Lance” (what better metaphor than a giant phallus?) in “The Nukes of October: Richard Nixon’s Secret Plan to Bring Peace to Vietnam



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