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Gotta love those Sunday Comics…

So it is a well know fact amongst my fellow pugilists that I am a two timer… yes, there is another flight club!  Well most of the members of the other team are colleagues that I work with and all but one of them lean a little right of center politically.  Personally I lean a little left of center and thus have become one of two token liberals.  Well for some time I have been annoyed with the accusations that liberals are “tax and spend” and conservatives are “fiscally conservative.”  It seems to me that through most of my lifetime it has been the Republicans that are the one’s who are spending us into deficits (with a large portion on defense and war) and then it is the Democrats who are forced clean up the mess.  Well this morning I particularly enjoyed my Sunday comics with today’s Doonesbury highlighting… of the $9 trillion in national debt since 1776, 70% was created under the watch of 3 Republican presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr.!  That is a whopping $6.3 trillion dollars!!!

I realize the federal budget is the responsibility of congress and the president, but of 19 budgets submitted during this time, only two were balanced!  When the US is on the brink of another recession… how is it that the current Republican party has any legitimacy when they say that the Democrats will only make our national financial condition worse?

Happy National Atheist’s Day?

Mike B. brought up the topic of religion in his post “Breastplate of Righteousness” detailing how Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) displays an extremely conservative posture in public in an attempt to deflect any accusations that he might be gay.  He went on to suggest that “God Is Not Great” as a possible future Fight Club selection?  Well, on National Atheist’s Day I thought I would share a quick video from Richard Dawkins discussing his book the God Delusion.  Enjoy!


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