I’ve been a fan of WTF? for a long time.  It mocks the TLA form (three letter acronym), while keeping its punch.  What’s more, WTF? is the perfect response to Sarah Palin’s interviews.  And, I’m going to have it at the ready during the debate tonight.

Kevflynn1, the editor of this YouTube video did an excellent job of juxtaposing Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin, with the actual interview.  Tina Fey practically took her word for word.  WTF? indeed.


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  1. 1 bobbyjones October 2, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Ross Douthat writes in the Atlantic that Sarah Palin (and her defenders) are calling attention to our “spin happy political class”:

    But there’s a sense in which the apologists for her performance are getting something right: In the process of performing very, very badly on national television, Palin is holding up a mirror to the rest of the political world, and revealing how the mix of talking points, bluster, obfuscation and BS that nearly all national politicians traffic in as a matter of course sounds when it’s filtered through someone who isn’t practiced in it, and isn’t ready for the spotlight. Her performances reflect badly on her readiness for the vice presidency, no question – but they reflect badly on our whole compromised, spin-happy political class as well.

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