The Palin Culture Wars

I’ve been hardpressed to decide if the Palin choice was sheer stupidity, utter genius, or simply ironic.  Frankly I hope it’s the last.

Here’s an interesting set of articles for the liberal elitists, first from our friends at the Wall Street Journal.

The Triumph of Culture Over Politics

“Postmodern campaigns teem with fluid identities, unmoored meanings and blurred boundaries to the point that stable terms like “politics,” “spectacle” and “entertainment” barely exist as separate concepts. These innovations…are shifts in the culture, and the total submersion of politics in a cultural atmosphere is a trend perfectly suited to the party of organic culture [Republicans].”…

“To put it another way, the jangling twists and turns, contrasts, incongruities and outright contradictions in the team of McCain and Palin make them the perfect duo for our mega-distracted culture. (The P.O.W. factor meets the WOW factor.)”

I had an immediate, knee-jerk reaction to this article:  if the Republican strategy means pandering to the base and eschewing intelligence in favor of mediocrity, count me out.

Fine, call me elitist, but I don’t want “Joe Sixpack” running my country.  Nor do I want him/her acting as my representative and spokesperson to the world.

And now, for an insightful look at what Palin represents for the United States, I turn to Rolling Stone.

Mad Dog Palin

“[Sarah Palin] is a horrifying symbol of how little we ask for in return for the total surrender of our political power.”

Sarah Palin’s Facebook
Sarah Palins Facebook

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