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Where’s Amazon’s Spine? Don’t give up on Kindle-Talk!

According to the WSJ, Amazon is conceding audio rights with the Kindle II.  They are going to allow authors and publishers the ability to opt-out of the text-to-speech future.   I am very close to buying the Kindle and this was a compelling feature!  I get that the publishers are worried about the premium that they get from the audio version of the book… but what about the customer?  Amazon insists that the feature is legal because “no copy is made, no derivative work is created” where’s Lawrence Lessig when you need him?

Lighting Out for the Territory

I’m midway through the current Fight Club selection, Promised Land by Jay Parini, and had to post on this emerging theme of “the road story.”  Sure, there’s the obvious clues of Huckleberry Finn and the Journals of Lewis and Clark, but it occurred to me that the “road story” is an allegory for our national character.  We are on the road, heading toward the promised land, for greener pastures, just over the horizon.  We took a wrong turn with the misadventures of Iraq and credit default swaps, but we’re heading back to the main road now.  We were going too fast, and probably shouldn’t have had those tacos.  But, it’s out of our system now – we’re moving on down the road.

Amorous Arms of a Goat Devil

goat-devilMaureen Dowd writes a great review of Will Ferrell’s broadway show “You’re Welcome America” doing his Bush impersonation.  In the show Bush “reveals that he did walk in on Cheney once in the basement of the White House locked in the amorous arms of a giant goat devil in a room full of pentagrams. “He looked at me with solid silver glowing orb-like eyes, and his breath had a strong ammonia scent to it,” Ferrell’s W. said. “And he told me in a language that I knew in my heart hadn’t been spoken in a thousand years ‘Pariff Go Lanerff!’ And I just ran.”

After witnessing such a sight, it’s amazing he wasn’t intimidated into a pardon for Scooter Libby.  Today’s NYTimes quotes aides saying that Cheney lobbied fiercely for a pardon and Cheney issued a rare rebuke  in an interview with The Weekly Standard last month that “I strongly believe that he deserved a presidential pardon,” and that “I disagree with President Bush’s decision.”  Other conservative commentators said it was like leaving a soldier on the battlefield.  But, come on, Bush already commuted Libby’s sentence, so the only consequence of his perjury is that he is a convicted felon and therefore can no longer practice law.  Tisk, tisk.

Recession: The Musical

Finally, the recession is fun again!  Good news via Rolling Stone.


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