Specter Joins the Dems

Wow – Sen. Alren Specter of Pennsylvania announced at noon today that he would caucus with the Democrats.  He said that his vote for Obama’s stimulus package cause a “schism [with Republicans] which makes our differences irreconcilable.”  Republicans are quick to note that he’s facing a 2010 primary challenge.

If our dear former Senator from the great state of Minnesota would do the honorable thing and concede, Al Franken would make the 60th Democrat in the Senate thus enabling them to block Republican filibusters.  As the healthcare debate picks up in the Senate (no small issue for Sen. Specter), Obama will have the muscle he needs to bring serious reform.  Hallelujah!

(It is interesting to note that former Sen Coleman left the Democratic party in 1996 shortly after the Gingrich revolution swept Congress.  My, how the politcal winds have changed.)

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