Brooks and Obama Sittin’ In a Tree…

Last night David Brooks spoke at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis as part of a St. Thomas/Opus speaker series.  It turns out he has a lot of connections to Minnesota including his wife, who is from Detroit Lakes (which to him sounds like “Newark Gardens”).  He said that being married to a Minnesota woman, he learned quickly to capitulate – all the men in the audience laughed knowingly.  And, apparently, former Senator Dave Durenburger is a friend of the family and was in the front row.

Brooks was raised by liberal parents in New York, but he said he met William Buckley in college and has been a conservative ever since.  But, like his column, his speech was very complimentary of Obama.  The speech was titled “The Age of Obama” and he listed all the reasons why Obama is such a transformative figure and why he just might deliver on his hyper-ambitious plans.  He told story after story of how intellectually rigorous the President and his staff are – especially in contrast to the previous administration.  Overall, his speech left me bullish on Obama, even more skeptical of the Republican agenda, and a bigger fan of David Brooks.

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