Is It Embarrassing to Drive a GM Vehicle?

Yesterday, I got back from a weekend road trip with 7 other fellow golfers.  We drove 222 miles north to the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa‘s Fortune Bay Casino‘s Wilderness Golf Course in Tower, MN.  In their “Top Courses You Can Play” ranking, Golfweek puts Wilderness as the #1 course in Minnesota, but Deacon’s Lodge (#4 according to them) is still my favorite.

Anyhow, we drove up in a Chevy Avalanche which Jerry described as the “most versatile vehicle on the road today.”  While it only got 13 miles to the gallon, it did fit three of us very comfortably with golf clubs, coolers, and suitcases piled in the back.  But, John summed it up best when he quipped “isn’t that company bankrupt?”  John drives a Honda Pilot.  JP laughed, he drives a Ford Explorer.

What makes matters worse, is that I too drive a GM vehicle that happens to be manufactured in Trollhättan Sweden.  That’s right I drive a Saab.  And, no, I don’t own a corduroy blazer with leather elbow patches either.  After GM’s bankruptcy announcement, I went to the Saab web site and the headline there was “Saab is not part of the GM filing.”  The period in that sentence seemed emphatic.  I think the Swedes would rather have said “Saab is not part of GM(period dammit!).  But, they can’t.  Apparently, a Chinese investment group just decided not to purchase Saab from GM.

So, how do I feel about driving a car from a manufacturer that even its own parent company doesn’t want?  I still like the car.  I like its unique styling.  If anything, I think that’s what Detroit has gotten wrong — making cars that look the same.  In fact, the latest Saabs have begun to look like just all the other sedans.  And, then they went an put the Saab badge on a Subaru Impreza and the GMC Envoy (Trailblazer/Bravada).  Are you willing to pay more for a Subaru Impreza because it has a Saab 9-2X label on it?  Why do they need three brands for the same truck?  Does anyone say “oh, I’d never be seen in an Oldsmobile Bravada, but I do like the GMC Envoy”?  It’s silly.

The other day I was walking out of a coffee shop and a thug yelled “German cars suck!”  I calmly replied, “good thing it’s not German.”  Most folks probably don’t know it’s Swedish let alone a GM car – and I like it that way.

Saab 9-3


3 Responses to “Is It Embarrassing to Drive a GM Vehicle?”

  1. 1 bobbyjones June 8, 2009 at 8:57 am

    Have you seen GM’s new TV ad? Filled with images of the sun rising, seedlings coming out of the ground, people working – a new beginning. “We’re not going out of business. We’re getting down to business.”

  2. 2 bobbyjones June 12, 2009 at 7:54 am

    A new Gallup Poll says 49% of Americans less likely to purchase a car from a bankrupt automaker:

    “Generally speaking, Americans are somewhat reluctant to buy a new car from a bankrupt automaker — 49% say the fact that a car company has declared bankruptcy makes them less likely to buy a car from that manufacturer. Most of the rest, 44%, say it makes no difference to their decision, while 4% say they would be more likely to buy from a bankrupt automaker.”

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