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Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Squint your eyes. What do you see? A satellite view of center pivot irrigation systems in Garden City, Kansas, of course. Check out other amazing satellite shots here.

Garden City Kansas

Favre Going Viral

My boys at Best Buy won’t like this viral campaign (Blue Electronics Crew – awefully close to Blue Shirt Nation, don’t you think?):

Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr, an artist based in Brooklyn, came up with a awesome new perspective on the camper:




I also like his paintings of graffiti covered vans:


Check out his other work at

Vitamin D – Double It!

We, with our dark winters in Minnesota, have known for a long time that we don’t get enough sun. A cottage industry around sun lamps has developed to serve us in the aphotic days of February. But, we just read Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” – should we just eat more food with Vitamin D in it? Apparently, you can’t get it from food. Our skin creates it when exposed to sun. And, sunscreen blocks it. 

Shari Roan wrote a nice piece recently in the LA Times that brings some clarity to the matter. Anyhow, I’m heading outside to get some sun!

Creative Destruction: USPS and Cable TV

I went to the Alphabet Bash last night, a networking event for direct marketers. Every conversation I had was about how tough business is right now and the remarkable shift away from the old school tactics of print and direct mail. The US Postal Service is expected to lose $6B this year as mostly credit card companies cut back their direct mail programs. As a result the USPS is proposing cutting Tuesday mail service to save money.

One person I talked to said the only thing she looked for in her mailbox anymore was her Netflix subscription. But even Netflix is moving online. I’ve been watching more and more of my queue via streaming video on my XBOX 360. Which begs the question: why am I paying $75/month for cable/satellite service?

Are You Ready 4 Some Football?

Not since Obama’s election has the Twin Cities been so swept up by a single event – Brett Favre signs with the Vikings. This, of course, has our cross border rival Green Bay all up in a lather. In any case, week 8 at Lambeau will be an interesting game to watch.  Cartoonist Joe Heller of Green Bay Daily expressed sour grapes thusly:

Joe Heller Cartoon


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