My My My Generation

I was reading somewhere (I can’t find the link now) that technology invented before you turn 20 is exciting and you embrace it early and often. You make career decisions based on which technologies are taking off in your 20s. You become skeptical, even suspicious of technology developed after you turn 30. This theory seems to hold up, but raises the question do you consider yourself a twentysomething or an over-the-hill thirtysomething+?

What generation are you from? What defines a generation? Merriam-Webster defines it as “the average span of time between the birth of parents and that of their offspring.” In the US, that’s 25.2 years according to the Census Bureau. The interesting thing is where those spans overlap. Joshua Glenn of Brainiac makes a compelling case for revising the names and definitions of these cohorts: 

1884-93: Lost Generation The New Kids (a new dawn after World’s Colombian Expo?)
1894-1903: Lost Generation Hardboiled Generation
1904-13: The Greatest Generation Partisans
1914-23: The Greatest Generation The New Gods (right time, right place)
1924-33: The Silent Generation Postmodernist Generation
1934-43: The Silent Generation Anti-Anti-Utopian Generation
1944-53: Baby Boomers
1954-63: Baby Boomers OGX (Original Generation X)
1964-73: Generation X PC Generation
1974-83: Generations X/Y Net Generation
1984-93: Millennials
1994-2003: Millennials TBA

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