Atlas Engaged

I submit for Fight Club’s consideration Anne Heller’s timely biography: Ayn Rand and the World She Made. Because, if there was ever a counterpoint for Rand’s unfettered capitalism (and by extension Alan Greenspan’s) it would seem to be our near brush with financial collapse. But, apparently the tea parties and Glenn Becks of the world have breathed new life (and book sales) into Ayn Rand. And, their bogeyman is Obama’s “socialist agenda.”

Nearly a year since Obama’s election, and in spite of two wars and a recession, Obama has embarked on an ambitious agenda of nation-building at home. What the Randian naysayers call socialism, I call getting America back on track.

It’s immoral that families go bankrupt due to illness. It is reprehensible that financiers made off with our savings and now are repossessing the very homes they talked us into. And, as Thomas Friedman has been advocating for years, we should be focusing on green technology, not only because it will help with climate change, but because it will lead to energy independence and thereby increased national security.

So, a year after much of the country came together to elect Barack Obama, we should renew our dedication to fixing what is wrong with our country. We, especially the Atlases among us, should share in the necessary sacrifices and engage in rebuilding America.


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