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Smear Tactic

Bush unmistakeably wipes his hand on Clinton’s shirt after shaking hands in Haiti:

Why the Nexus One Is Sucking Wind

Stacey Higginbotham writes an interesting post in Gigaom about the growing clash between Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. It has gotten particularly nasty as Apple filed a patent infringement suit against HTC (the maker of Google’s NexusOne phone). But what Higginbotham’s post is missing is that Google is trying to turn the cell phone market on its ear. They want consumers to buy the phone they want and then find a carrier. They have a powerful array of interests aligned against them – just look at the contrast between the Verizon (and Motorola) supported Droid which outsold the iPhone in the first 74 days, and the lackluster sales of the NexusOne with no carrier.

The Golden Ratio = 1.61803399

As we approach Pi Day (after all it is Sunday, 3-14), I though I’d give a shout out to another magical proportion, the Golden Ratio 1.61803399. Too bad there is no January the 61st. Apparently, Marc Umile (a guy with way too much free time) holds 10th place (What! only 10th place!? who is #1?) in the world for pi memorization — he typed out 15,314 digits from memory in 2007. While Marc continues to memorize Pi, I prefer to appreciate the fine proportions of Phi as exhibited in the Fibonacci spiral below.


David Brauer writes a nice epitaph for In The Loop, a five-year-old Minnesota Public Radio program hosted by Jeff Horwich. A year ago MPR took it off the air and distributed it only via digital channels such as podcasts and Facebook. Apparently, Mr. Horwich and his producer Sanden Totten (a great name) didn’t generate the digital audience they thought they needed to continue supporting the program and have decided to cancel the program–it’s last show will be “probably around March 19.”

First of all, I’m an MPR member and long time listener and supporter. And, I understand the need to focus limited resources on programs that maximize their audience. But, as a humble student of digital and social media, I’m a little saddened that an organization such as MPR couldn’t make a go of it (everyone struggles to measure this new medium – it would be interesting to know what metrics MPR used in making their decision). I’m hopeful that they’ll keep Horwich and Totten happy and try it another way…soon. Or, maybe Horwich and Totten could moonlight and continue to make their fans happy by producing the project independently. In either case, fair reader of Broken Spines, I encourage you to become their fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to encourage them to do more.



Anyhow, here’s a taste of ITL’s work: Horwich singing an ode to Anh “Jospeh” Cao, the US Representative from Lousiana, the first Vietnamese-American to serve in Congress, and the first Republican to be elected in his district since 1890. But, he is perhaps best known for casting the only Republican vote for President Obama’s healthcare bill.


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