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The Blue Jewel on the River

We saw the Twilight Hours play a great show at the Guthrie last night. My wife and I were fans of Trip Shakespeare back in the day. Now, John Munson and Matt Wilson are, like us, twenty years older playing a venue like the Guthrie.  In fact, our kids go to the same school as Munson’s – so we see him at school events – which is weird. But, as accomplished musicians, they want to play at the premier venue in Minneapolis, the blue jewel on the river, The Guthrie.

And, the venue raises a dilemma: what do you wear and how do you behave at a rock concert in a venue like the Guthrie?

First of all, I think the venue calls for dressing a little nicer. Granted it’s a rock concert, but it’s a rock concert at the Guthrie. Second, it’s okay that it’s quiet. I was able to savor the subtle sounds you could never hear at First Ave for the murmur of the crowd. Third, we’re in an auditorium, everyone has their own seat—there’s no need rub elbows and bump the person next to you.

For some reason, the guy next to me would not only take the arm rest, but put his elbow 2-3 inches over into my space! The further I would recoil and lean into my wife, the more space he would take. So, then it became a turf war. I reasserted the boundary by firmly planting my elbow on half of the arm rest. This made him agitated and he kept shifting and moving and bumping me.

Anyhow, I thought it would be worth drawing up a chart and reminding guests to “turn off you cell phones, and mind the personal space between you and your neighbor. Thank you.”

30 Amazing Environment Ads for Earth Day

Check out this great collection of Earth Day ads. Here are a few of my favorites:

If Kurosawa Had Created Star Wars

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Could it be spring time in Minnesota? Could it be that I just had two Surly Furious on the patio at Minnehaha Park’s Sea Salt Eatery? Could it be that I saw ‘Girl With a Dragon Tattoo‘ last night? Or, is it because my iPad just arrived in the mail? Why is it that I’m so elated? Here are my attempts to discern this mood I am in:

1) don’t get carried away, any man can be happy after two Surly Furious

2) eating a Marlin Taco with the afore mentioned hoppy beverage at Sea Salt in the sunshine with the sounds of Minnehaha Falls in the background is true mulit-sensory delight

3) deeply satisfying to see a Stieg Larsson’s book artfully reinterpreted as a movie (and to see Lisbeth Salander get revenge, and to hear Hedestad spoken with a Swedish accent)

4) play with a new toy that lives up to the hype

For all of these reasons, I am a happy man.

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