Happy Happy Joy Joy

Could it be spring time in Minnesota? Could it be that I just had two Surly Furious on the patio at Minnehaha Park’s Sea Salt Eatery? Could it be that I saw ‘Girl With a Dragon Tattoo‘ last night? Or, is it because my iPad just arrived in the mail? Why is it that I’m so elated? Here are my attempts to discern this mood I am in:

1) don’t get carried away, any man can be happy after two Surly Furious

2) eating a Marlin Taco with the afore mentioned hoppy beverage at Sea Salt in the sunshine with the sounds of Minnehaha Falls in the background is true mulit-sensory delight

3) deeply satisfying to see a Stieg Larsson’s book artfully reinterpreted as a movie (and to see Lisbeth Salander get revenge, and to hear Hedestad spoken with a Swedish accent)

4) play with a new toy that lives up to the hype

For all of these reasons, I am a happy man.


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