Choice of Weapons, by Gordon ParksChoice of Weapons

with foreword (and Fight Club special guest) by Wing Young Huie

Host: Steve M.

Date: 11/4/13

Choice of Weapons is also part of Minneapolis One Read, the third community read where everyone in town is invited to read the same book and join in a community conversation.

Comments from Matt H.:

I have to admit I went into last night’s bout with apprehension wondering what we were going to fight about and how the dynamics would change with having the guy who wrote the forward in the room with us.

While the discussion was a bit more subdued than normal I came away feeling that I had learned something…

  • Specifically in the “arts” – do opportunity, timing, and luck play a larger role than in other professions?
  • When discussing an artist we always gravitate towards their “best” pieces but there is still plenty of “meh” pieces… what “makes the artist?” Their great pieces or do they have a higher percentage of “best” pieces than “meh” pieces?
  • The power of being a good story teller…
  • How did Gordon define himself – poet, photographer, musician, etc.?  How would do we define ourselves?
  • What are you willing to give up to follow your passion? (yes I am looking directly at you Mr. Bleakmore)

Here are a few links for last night’s discussion:

Radio Lab Hmong Interview:

Duluth Lynchings – 1920!

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