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Fear and Loathing in Minneapolis

Maybe it’s just November (I actually recited My November Guest to my buddies at the bar the other night) or maybe the economy is in the tank and my 401k is approaching 50% of what it was just 6 months ago.  Anyhow, I feel low down.

Tamar Lewin of the NYT recently pointed out that in times like these hemlines fall, crime rates go up and people prefer songs like “‘Bridge Over Troubled Water,’ and ‘That’s What Friends Are For,’. In better times, it’s more likely to be faster, upbeat songs like ‘Macarena.’ ”   So, I cehcked what’s topping the charts today – it’s T.I. – “Live Your Life” which instructs us to “make the most of the life you’ve got.”  What’s more depressing than that is even “Playboy bunnies are beginning to look more mature – older, heavier, more reassuring.” 

Oy vey.

Courage comes with practice…

I heard a great story from Theresa MacPhail and her life living with fear and finding courage. Theresa a medical anthropologist at UCal Berkley tells her story of surmounting her fears in “Courage Comes With Practice” – her brother died by when she was four years old, her mother wanted to protect her (the only child now) from every possible danger… she was locked into a “safe” prison. Now she works everyday to push herself into situations that may not be safe but allow her to live. How do we address fear and “find” courage in our lives?


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