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WSJ Opinion Suggests Treatment of George W. Bush Has Been Disgrace?

Last week Jeffrey Scott Shapiro suggested in a WSJ Opinion article that the treatment of George W. Bush has been a disgrace – citing as an example the San Francisco proposal suggesting to name a sewage treatment plant after him.  Mr. Shapiro suggests that like President Harry S. Truman, who also had a low approval rating of 22% before he left office but is now ranked as one of our most popular presidents, George W. Bush will also be seen as a strong president who lead our nation during a difficult time.  Mr. Shapiro further suggests that our disloyalty to our current president is a “shameful display of arrogance and weakness that will haunt this nation long after Mr. Bush has left the White House.”


Well Mr. Shapiro… you are a patsy.  President George W. Bush is a disgrace but I also believe that he has also been played like a fiddle by his own team.  Cheney, Rumsfeld and their policy wonk lawyers (like Douglas Feith) have been of equal disgrace.  This president and his staff have lied to the American people on numerous occasions and put to doubt the patriotism of the American’s who have questioned his strategy and motives with the “embolden the terrorists” rhetoric.  America is great not because we all fall in line but because we think and we question, we have the courage to point out our flaws and shortcomings and not by covering them with the American flag in blind patriotism.  When faced with the conclusions of the bi-partisan 9/11 Commission Report, the president was asked if he agreed with their recommendations – his answer was “I didn’t read it” and that was his same response on the memos concerning “aggressive interrogation techniques”.


Well Mr. President, I am sorry to say that it is your job to read these opinions – whether you agree with them or not.  Your arrogance, hubris, and lack of respect for all of us “non-Bushies” is your legacy and you will have to live with that in infamy.

We will miss you Tim! Thank you for your honesty, integrity, and courage.

I know I had posted an article recently about where have all of the good journalists goneTim Russert, NBC News Washington Bureau Chief, was one of those few good journalists left… today we lost a great journalist and an awesome man.  Tim took his responsibility as chief moderator of “Meet the Press” very seriously, he also asked tough but thoughtful questions and did not let his guests slide with generic answers.  In the age of partisan reporting, Tim was at a whole other level – I could not tell you which party he endorsed.

For those of you who have not found the time to read “Wisdom of Our Fathers” it is absolutely essential for every parent – mother or father. 

Thank you Tim for your honesty, integrity, and courage!  You will be missed by us all.

What would your Last Lecture be?

From today’s WSJ, a great article on a CMU professor’s Last Lecture.

Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University computer-science professor, was about to give a lecture Tuesday afternoon, but before he said a word, he received a standing ovation from 400 students and colleagues.  He motioned to them to sit down. “Make me earn it,” he said.

Professor Pausch has been diagnosed with 3 months to live and was given the opportunity to address the CMU students with his final thoughts.  What words would you depart with?


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