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Who is Barack Obama?

  From today’s NPR story on “Who is Barack Obama?” the discussion goes beyond the talking points and the policy positions, where guests describe the personality and character of the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.  He is described as a kind, thoughtful, and principled individual.  The guests include:

Dan Rutherford, Illinois state senator who worked on legislation with Obama when he was a state senator

Lisa Hay, classmate of Obama at Harvard Law School and a member of the Harvard Law Review when Obama was its president

David Mendell, wrote about politics and urban issues for the Chicago Tribune and author of Obama: From Promise to Power

Why America is great… this land is our land!

We all can be so sarcastic about life and our own personal circumstances… but there is so much “good” in the world that we just need to open our eyes or in this case ears to see and hear.  I heard one great story yesterday on NPR from Eboo Patel, a native from India, a Muslim, living in America and I wanted to share it… please take the 3 minutes and 49 seconds to join me on this journey.

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