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Show Me The Money!

Thanks to CNet’s Buzz Out Loud podcast (episode 578) for calling attention to In addition to being able to compare candidates on issues and participate in conversations, this party-neutral site also allows us to watch in real-time the results of the political fund-raising efforts of each candidate!

Here is a live graph showing the fund-raising for the top candidates in the 2008 Presidential election. And, State-by-State fund-raising leaders here.

Unfortunately, does not allow their blogs to embed the graphs offered by the site.

Free Culture follow-up

As part of our discussion during the last bout on Free Culture, we touched on the current issue of saving Internet radio. On my drive home today, I listened to a fantastic podcast regarding this- This Week in Media (TWiM), Episode 52. The five-man panel made up of industry insiders, including a big wig at Pandora, does a great job of explaining the history and reasoning on all sides of the issue.

If you have any interest in this subject, want clarification, or enjoy insightful discussion in the form of a podcast, I highly recommend this one!


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