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It has been many moons since Dave K. wrote a post for Broken Spines (like Bret Michaels, he’s gone solo with his own blog).

But, over lunch the other day, Dave was telling us about his spring break trip to New Orleans.  He and a bunch of high school students volunteered and helped build houses for Habitat for Humanity.  He was clearly moved by the experience.  And, as he was describing the experience it occured to me that even though our government may have failed New Orleans, Americans like Dave have not. 

In spite of all that is wrong with our government (endless war) and economy (Bear Sterns) it is acts of selflessness and kindness like Dave’s that remind me what a great country we live in.

Here are a couple of Dave’s photos that I really like:


I couldn’t help but come up with some titles: catawumpus (I had to look up the spelling)


e pluribus unum


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