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Skål Vikings!

Wow – it’s been fun to watch the Vikings in these last two games. They trounced the New York Giants two weeks ago, 44-7 and did the same thing today to a much better Cowboys team beating them 34-3. Should it have been 30-3? Keith Brooking, linebacker for the Cowboys seemed to think so. He was upset with Favre for throwing his fourth touchdown pass of the game and running up the score. After the game, Brooking was quoted in the team’s official blog as saying:

“I just thought what happened at the end of the game was disrespectful, and it was classless, all the things that are in that category, I’ll throw out to the Vikings organization and whoever is over there calling the plays. It just wasn’t the right thing to do at that time, period.”

For 60 minutes, it’s the Vikings’ job to score points, the Cowboys’ to stop them. Embarrassing for Brooking to whine about get scored on, again. Not only is this the NFL, it’s the NFL Playoffs – and look out Saints, we’re going to come rolling in.


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