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Jon Stewart goes “mad” on Jim Cramer?

For those who missed The Daily Show last night it was awesome… Jon Stewart took it to Jim Cramer and CNBC on the lack of “financial reporting” on their supposed “financial news” cable network.  Not to be a spoiler… but there are some great video clips of Cramer off air.  Take 20 minutes of your day and watch this episode!

After America (Towards our next book)

Admittedly long, here’s an interesting review of several recent theories on the America’s diminishing prominence.

After America:  Is the West being overtaken by the rest?

Skip to the 3rd to last and 2nd to last paragraphs for the crux of the article:

“However fast the economies of new powers are growing, then, forecasts of their world domination leave out a great deal…

“The one nation whose presence still guarantees a measure of stability in Asia is the very one whose influence commentators are so quick to write off: the United States of America…”

Too Big to Fail?

Bear Stearns reminded us that in a business based on confidence, when that confidence evaporates, so does the business.  But Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?  For millions of Americans engaging in the largest transactions of their lives – home mortgages and student loans – Fannie and Freddie were the only ones to guarantee those loans.  A noble goal, broader homeownership, but at what price?

It appears that the government (read: the American taxpayer) is going to bail out yet another financial services behemoth.  And, by bailing them out, do we mitigate the learning from these failures?  And, what happens when GM can’t get anyone to lend them money?


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