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Frank Lloyd Wright + Legos

If ever there was a match made in heaven, it is Prairie Architecture a la Frank Lloyd Wright and the iconic Danish toy, Legos.  In the 70s, I played with my mismatched, monochromatic Legos for thousands of hours as a child.  No longer mismatched and monochromatic–I admit, that as a father of three boys, I have over indulged in more fancy (read: expensive) Lego kits than should  be allowed (Star Wars, Pirates, City, etc, etc, etc).  But, the coup de gras is Falling Water and the Guggenheim are now available in Lego form.  I’m sure I will buy them, but not for my sons.

And, I can’t wait to tell fellow Fight Clubber, Dave, as he is a former docent atTaliesin in Spring Green and father of two sons.

Falling Water


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