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The best thing about father’s day is to watch hours of guilt-free US Open golf. The only drawback is to have to listen to Johnny Miller drone on. The pompous windbag kept predicting that Dustin Johnson would win and dismissed Graeme McDowell because he wouldn’t have the mental fortitude to play well on Sunday. I think Miller has something against Irishmen.

As it turned out, Miller’s favorite Dustin Johnson who had the lead on Saturday went an unprecendented 10 over, an epic collapse, while McDowell kept his composure and beat the likes of Ernie Els, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Well done G-Mac!

Never Up Never In

I play golf in a club whose average age is probably 60.  We played a Stableford tournament yesterday, and when we came into the clubhouse we watched Tom Watson, still leading the British Open, hit a beautiful 8 iron into the 18th green.  But, perhaps landing a foot too far into the green, the ball ran off the back, nestling up against a skirt of rough.  He opted for his putter and sent the ball 8 feet past the hole.  He has made a thousand 8-foot putts in his career.  What’s more, he’s a 59 year-old, five-time Open winner – nerves of steel, right?

Lo, a collective gasp went up in the clubhouse of 60 year-olds, when Watson, like all of us amateurs sitting there watching him, decelerated his putter and pushed it slightly leaving his par putt short and right of the hole, taking the Open to four extra holes with Stewart Cink, a 6-foot-4 whippersnapper.  And, to the chagrin of every member of the Phalen Park Men’s Golf Club, Watson collapsed in the playoff, handing the Open Championship to Mr. Cink.

Tiger, Rocco Save World of Sports

Before our profligate commentator, Bobby Jones, calls us to the mat for not giving a Broken Spines perspective on yesterday’s finish to the U.S. Open – I figured I would post.

Rocco Mediate gave Tiger arguably his most difficult test in a major championship.  They were tied after 90 holes of some of the most challenging conditions in golf.  But, what was really on display was sportsmanship of the highest order.

Remaining tied after an 18 hole playoff on Monday (unique in the majors), they went to number 7 for a sudden death playoff.  Rocco pulled his drive into the trap on the left, Tiger’s drive was center cut.  Rocco again tugged his second shot into the grand stand on the left and had to take a drop, Tiger’s second shot made the green leaving him a difficult birdy putt.  Rocco’s third shot left him inside of Tiger.  Tiger missed his birdy and tapped in for par.  All Rocco had to do was make his putt to go to the next hole.  Alas, he missed on the high side and tapped in for bogie – yielding the championship to Tiger 91 holes later (and 37,000 yards on a bum knee).  Wow.

How does Tiger do it?  Read David Brooks’ column “Frozen Gaze”.  What made this a great sports championship?  Read Gene Wojciechowski’s column “Tiger, Rocco save world of sports”

Should it take 5 years to graduate from college?

Just thought I would take a moment to share some humor on the lighter side.  I admittedly agree that it was entirely my fault that it took me 5 years to graduate college but I was living my own little Dead Poets Society.  Frat parties, sleeping late, & hacky sack on the front porch… carpe diem!  Well here are some gentlemen displaying their college antics… my hunch is that they might be on the 6 or 7-year program at their institution of higher learning?  Enjoy.




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