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Why the Nexus One Is Sucking Wind

Stacey Higginbotham writes an interesting post in Gigaom about the growing clash between Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. It has gotten particularly nasty as Apple filed a patent infringement suit against HTC (the maker of Google’s NexusOne phone). But what Higginbotham’s post is missing is that Google is trying to turn the cell phone market on its ear. They want consumers to buy the phone they want and then find a carrier. They have a powerful array of interests aligned against them – just look at the contrast between the Verizon (and Motorola) supported Droid which outsold the iPhone in the first 74 days, and the lackluster sales of the NexusOne with no carrier.

Minneapolis Snow

I’m playing with the Google Earth app on my iPhone.  Its “swoop navigation” feature allows you to fly in and see the landscape from various perspectives (the accelerometer on the iPhone tilts the view as you move it in your hand).

But, what’s even more cool, is that I discovered this geo-tagged photo (via Panoramio) called Minneapolis Snow created by Don McCrae.  It’s a photograph that he converted into a water color using photo-editing software that he doesn’t reveal.  This photo has been viewed close to 2,000 times with comments from people in France and the Netherlands.

It’s currently 1 degree Fahrenheit in sunny Minneapolis, with a beautiful coat of snow that this picture captures perfectly.  Thank you Don McCrae.



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