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What are the responsibilities of Mayor of Wasilla?

There were a few folks after John McCain announced his running mate that drew the comparison between Sarah Palin and Teddy Roosevelt for their short time as governors and of course their leadership capabilities.  You know… leader of the First Calvary (Rough Riders) and Mayor of Wasilla… obvious conclusions.  And then there was the comment during Palin’s RNC address where she chided Obama about being a “community organizer” while she was just a small town Mayor with “Responsibilities.”  Well thank God for investigative journalism… we now know ALL of the details that the Mayor of Wasilla is responsible for… and it is a LONG list!  Watch for yourself from The Daily Show (details at the 2 minute mark).

Business in Front, Party in Back

Is Pawlenty literally grooming himself for the vice-presidency?

TPT’s Mary Lahammer reveals a stunning bit of information: Pawlenty has shed his trademark mullet.

Speculation is that McCain runs a tight ship and won’t tolerate “the Bemidji neck warmer.”


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