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Creative Destruction: USPS and Cable TV

I went to the Alphabet Bash last night, a networking event for direct marketers. Every conversation I had was about how tough business is right now and the remarkable shift away from the old school tactics of print and direct mail. The US Postal Service is expected to lose $6B this year as mostly credit card companies cut back their direct mail programs. As a result the USPS is proposing cutting Tuesday mail service to save money.

One person I talked to said the only thing she looked for in her mailbox anymore was her Netflix subscription. But even Netflix is moving online. I’ve been watching more and more of my queue via streaming video on my XBOX 360. Which begs the question: why am I paying $75/month for cable/satellite service?

Ooooh Sony… how we hate you… let me count the ways!

Last week Xbox 360 had an update to their User Interface… along with it came a few other new enhancements like the Netflixstreaming feature allowing users who are Netflix subscribers to stream up to 12,000 titles to their home theaters.  Well… apparently Sony didn’t like the idea of Microsoft streaming Sony movies (from LA Times and Motley Fool)?  So Sony decided pull 200 of their titles from being able to stream to the Xbox 360… the Roku player and PC will still work fine.  Sony this is exactly why we hate you… your arrogance and bully attitude is what leads you to think about your self-interests over your customers’ interests.  Just so you know… I used to be pretty loyal to the Sony brand… but over the last 5 years I have not made a Sony purchase – after this move I will try to make it at least another 5 years before I buy another one of your products.


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