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Angry SCUBA’d Norwegians Chase After Google Street View Car

I’ve seen the inadvertent cameo appearance on Google Street View, but this is hilarious. Apparently, these guys in Bergen were actually waiting for the Google car to come by. What is also funny is the Google Translation of the Norwegian article describing these guys:

Originial Norwegian text:

Hvem jager Google med lystergaffel? Klikker man seg inn på adressen kan man først se to dykkere som sitter i hver sin solstol, helt avslappet i veikanten.

Google Translate text:

Who chases Google with desires fork? Mon, click into the address, one can only see two divers who sit in their own sun, chilling by the wayside.

“Chilling by the wayside” in SCUBA gear waiting for the Google Street View car. I love it!


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