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Audience Participation

Don’t get me wrong. I like the Decemberists as much as the next guy. Well, actually not as much as the guy next to me at their show in Minneapolis on Friday. Clearly he was a big fan; he knew the words to every song…and sang them…loudly. As if this weren’t enough to show his glee, he played the air guitar and air drums and air keyboard throughout the show, constantly bumping into me. To top it off, Colin Meloy employed the time-honored, raised-arms, clap-along-with-me routine. But, this time Meloy teased the audience and varied the beat throwing everyone off. My gleeful neighbor giggled at the ploy. And, as I have stated in this space before, I hate being told to clap. And, if the Decemberists had varied their set at all from when they played Rock the Garden (a much better show btw) here last summer, and if the guy next to me didn’t totally drive me nuts, I would have clapped.

Or, maybe I’m getting too old to go to concerts.

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